Certified Accountants In Hull

Are you a small business in Hull managing all of the finances of the business? Is it starting to be too much? Well why not allow us to help. We at Majors Certified Accountants in Hull are dedicated to helping your small business prosper financially. We make sure that everything is completed and within the government regulations so you have …

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Accountancy Services In Hull

We at Majors Certified Accountants in Hull have a wide range of accountancy services in Hull which we offer to local businesses. Our first service we offer is Bookkeeping in Hull. Bookkeeping is keeping good records of your businesses financial affairs. Here at Majors in Hull we offer a bookkeeping service as we understand that keeping good records of your business …

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Accountants in Hull

When hiring an accountant in Hull you want someone that is committed, reliable and knowledgeable. All things that Majors Certified accounts are. Based in Hull, our team of experienced and quality trained accountants in Hull are dedicated to helping you and your business prosper financially. We assist with your businesses taxation and payroll as well as using cloud bookkeeping software …

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Experienced Bookkeeper Wanted

EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER WANTED – Due to the excellent service and support given to our clients, we continue to grow month on month and now require yet another addition to our team. If you have experience in bookkeeping and believe you would be an asset to Majors and our clients, please e-mail a CV to stewart@majors.co.uk today or contact us today!  

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Accountants In Coventry

Majors head offices are located in Hull, the home to English Premier League football club Hull City but have clients world wide. With the digital age of cloud computing if you’re in Coventry, no problem, we can talk business anywhere. We can talk and have meetings over Skype, share files with the likes of Drop box, complete accounts and upload invoices to …

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New payroll, bookkeeping and management client in Buckinghamshire

It’s always good to take on new clients and distance or location is never a problem. We have just welcomed a new payroll, bookkeeping and management client in Buckinghamshire who have 34 employees that are paid on a monthly basis. We have created a working solution to a clients problem regardless of the distance involved. Good use of IT has …

Majors Chartered AccountantsNew payroll, bookkeeping and management client in Buckinghamshire
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Cloud Bookkeeping

Do you want to manage your accounts online anywhere and on any device? Well now you can! Instead of worrying about spending hours about bookkeeping, spreadsheets and the paper work that comes with it; let Cloud Bookkeeping deal with the hassle. With everything becoming digital now and keeping up to date in the modern world, Cloud Bookkeeping is just another …

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