7th December 2017

Bookkeeping in Hull

As a business owner, it is a must that you must keep good accounting records for your business. We understand that after working all week there […]
28th November 2017

Business Employee Payroll in Hull

As a business owner, it is mandatory that you pay your employees. This seems simple, but with paperwork, time constraints and other factors that come will […]
21st November 2017

Your New Certified Accountants in Hull

We at Majors are your new certified accountants in Hull. Why? Because we are one of Hulls most renowned accountancy firms with a team that are […]
16th October 2017

Help With Payroll In Hull

If you own a business in the UK then you more than likely have to pay your employees. Sounds simple but the aftermath and paperwork that […]
18th September 2017

Hull Accountant

Here at Majors we have a large team of Hull accountants who are here to help you and your business. Our Hull accountants have a wide […]
24th August 2017

Allow Us To Help You

We at Majors have a loyal, friendly and professional team of accountants in Hull who are dedicated to making your business prosper financially. Our accountants in […]
7th August 2017

Certified Accountants in Hull

Majors Certified Accountants in Hull are here solely to help your business prosper financially. With a constant growing team, they are all dedicated to helping you […]
19th July 2017

Accountancy Services In Hull

We at Majors Certified Accountants offer quality accountancy services in Hull, city of culture 2017. Majors has been serving in Hull since 1987 helping new and […]
20th June 2017

Bookkeeping Services In Hull

We at Majors Certified Accountants offer a full range of bookkeeping in Hull in order to keep you and your business on track. The team at […]
11th May 2017

Accountants in Hull

Here at Majors accountants in Hull, we have more than 25 years of experience of providing accountants in Hull, taxation, bookkeeping, payroll and much more for […]
6th April 2017

Majors Clients Wins Business Woman of The Year

Janine used her many years of dance teaching experience coupled with her parenting skills of 4 young daughters to create a programme of learning through fun […]
21st March 2017

Quality Accountancy Services in Hull

We at Majors Certified Accountants in Hull offer a range of accountancy services in Hull in order to help local businesses. Our main services we deliver […]
7th February 2017

Payroll in Hull

If you are the owner of a business, then you will probably have to pay your employees.  With payroll comes quite a bit of paperwork which […]
18th January 2017

Business Financial Help in Hull

We at Majors are one of Hull’s leading accountancy firms helping a range of local businesses with their finances. We understand that managing a business and […]
19th December 2016

Merry Christmas from Majors

2016  has been a brilliant year for Majors Certified Accountants in Hull. The team at Majors have once again excelled in every aspect making our company […]