Accountancy Services In Hull

We at Majors Certified Accountants in Hull have a wide range of accountancy services in Hull which we offer to local businesses.

Our first service we offer is Bookkeeping in Hull. Bookkeeping is keeping good records of your businesses financial affairs. Here at Majors in Hull we offer a bookkeeping service as we understand that keeping good records of your business is a time consuming task and can take away precious time from your business. So we step in to help.

Next we offer a Payroll service in Hull. Payroll is keeping a list of the companies employees and how much each employee is paid and how often. Paperwork to do with payroll is a time consuming task and weekly and monthly deadlines means that pressure can be stressful. Our experiences payroll team are more than happy to take weight off of your shoulders and help to pay your employees using the latest payroll software.

Here at Majors we also offer an Accounts in Hull service. Account keeping is a record of the expenditures and receipts relating to your business. Using our depth of knowledge and experience we ensure that you receive accurate and timely figures to meet your statutory obligations.

Finally we offer a Taxation service in Hull. We believe that your hard earned money should stay with you, so using our reviews we are able to predict how much and when your liabilities will be due, avoiding unpleasant surprises.

For more information on our accountancy services in Hull, contact us and speak to a member of our team.