Cost of Payroll Services In Hull

Payroll Services in HullThe cost of payroll services can vary with accountants – some charge hidden amounts per month for their payroll services.

Here at Majors Certified Accountants, we believe that our relative low prices and quality service is what keeps the customers with us.

The paperwork that comes with Payroll can be time consuming, and when you have to make sure a number of employees get paid on time as well as managing the business schedule, it can sometimes cause disruption.

Our quality trained and experienced payroll team can help your business with payroll. The team will deal with all the paperwork, meaning you can spend more time on your business. Payslips can be posted or even emailed as PDF files, weekly or monthly.

Our prices are:
• £4 per payslip for the first 5 payslips per month, plus
• £2 per payslip for the next 10 payslips per month, plus
• £1.50 per payslip for any payslips in excess of 15 per month.
In additional charge of £10 is made for each starter or leaver to cover the admin involved.

Would you like help or advice with your businesses payroll for employees? Contact us by calling 01482 212057 to speak to one of our team .