The majority of businesses need to pay their employees.

The paperwork can be time consuming and with weekly and monthly deadlines to ensure their timely payment, it can cause disruption to an already busy schedule.

Our highly experienced payroll team can take away the majority of payroll burdens, freeing your time to spend time elsewhere within your business. They also take away all filing requirements using the latest payroll software.

The typical cost to you for this time saving is:-

  • £4 per payslip for the first 5 payslips per month, plus
  • £2 per payslip for the next 10 payslips per month, plus
  • £1.50 per payslip for any payslips in excess of 15 per month

(all subject to minimum fees of £20 per month, and all subject to VAT, and assuming monthly payroll)

An additional charge of £10 is made for each starter or leaver to cover the admin involved.

Subcontractors Tax

The above fees exclude any work involving subcontractor’s tax for those in the construction industry. We have considerable expertise and experience in this area. However, the amount of work involved varies enormously and often depends on the efficiency of the main contractor in dealing with the scheme. We can give you a separate quote for this.

Would you like help or advice with your businesses payroll for employees? Contact us by calling  01482 212057 to speak to one of our team or fill out the form below.

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